hey friends!! as you all know, i’m trying to be the salute tour reporter for connecticut and i’ve been trying really hard to share it everywhere & get people to like the video so i can win! i’ve been a huge little mix fan since mid-2012 and it’d mean so much to me to be able to meet the girls and thank them for making me happier. if i won, i’d be bringing my little sister who’s also a big fan and it’d be her birthday present from me!! 

so here’s how you can help me!! (even though i’m not a finalist yet, but finalists will be chosen on 2/16 and having more likes will help too!) 

  • go to my instagram @erikaangelll
  • like my video entry, which is the third post
  • share my video with your friends, on tumblr or twitter!
  • reblog this post so others can see it

if i win and i get anything signed from the girls, i will most likely have a giveaway since i already preordered a signed copy of salute so i’ll give it away to someone!! 

thank you so much if you help <33

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Anonymous:I'd like to nominate dammitperrie for nicest mixer :)


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Mythology (VersaEmerge cover) - Erika Martinez

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Royals (Lorde cover) - Erika Martinez

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Nightingale (Demi Lovato cover) - Erika Martinez

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Fix a Heart (Demi Lovato cover) - Erika Martinez

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